U-Frame vs We-Frame

When we supply an empty frame for you to fit your own artwork into, we call it “U-Frame” and it offers several advantages:

• Because you are doing some of the work, you save money

• Comes with all fittings and instructions for a fully professional job

• The artwork stays safely with you

• You can easily “reuse” the frame in the future

But the alternative “We-Frame” also has some advantages:

• We do the “to the mm” measuring

• We fit the artwork which is time consuming and not always easy

Let us know if you may be interested in us fitting your artwork and we can nominate your login on the website for the fitting service. You can send artwork to us if you wish but we’ll need to deliver back to you on our own van.


Of course you are always welcome to come and see us in Shaftesbury for a full consultation…..  Or alternatively get in touch to arrange an online video consultation


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