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Introducing our FSC® certified moulding materials






Slave labour used in production
Destruction of habitat for endangered species
Destruction of indigenous peoples’ traditional way of life
Pollution of Forest regions
Over-harvesting of Forestry adding to climate change


Fraxinus Americana, North America

Ash is a pale coloured, dense timber with a flowing open grain.

It is ideal for Stain and Lacquer or Grainy Coloured finishes where the beauty of the grain pattern is allowed to show.

Less expensive than Oak.


Quercus Alba, North America

Oak is pale to mid coloured when new, going a beautiful golden colour with age. It is dense with an open grain often with a unique fleck .

Timeless quality!! It is ideal for use in its natural state or for Stain and Lacquer finishes in wood tones.


Triplochiton Scleroxycon, Cameroon

Obeche is the most common timber in picture framing. It is pale yellow in colour, quite light in weight and inexpensive. It has a featureless open grain. Our timber comes from one of the only FSC® certified Obeche forests in the world.

Ideal for Gesso finishes and Grainy Colour finishes on chunky mouldings where Ash may be too expensive.


Liriodendrun Tulipifera, North America

Tulip is normally pale coloured but can have marking which often makes it unsuitable for use in its natural state.

It is mid-weight with a closed grain. It is ideal for paint finishes as the closed grain can be completely filled with only a few coats.