All of the mount-card that we use conforms to the Fine Art Trade Guild “Conservation Standard” and is FSC® certified.

All of our mount-board is manufactured in The Lake District by James Cropper PLC who make the only FSC certified mount-boards currently available in the world.

Mounts are cut with a 45° bevel on the aperture and square cut on the outside edge.

We can supply Museum Standard cotton boards on request.



Single: One layer of mount, usually in a neutral colour. The rule of thumb is “a tone darker than the paper”.

Double: Two layers of mount.. The norm is to have a neutral colour outer with about 5mm of a stronger coloured inner mount.

Triple: Three layers of mount.. start playing with our framing studio and you’ll see!!

Extra Thick: The simplicity of a single mount with the depth of a double.


Using our state of the art CNC mountcutter, we can cut as many apertures as you like: single, double or triple. We can also design the perfect layout without wasting any materials… You can’t do multi-aperture mounts on the website at the moment, but if you’ve got an idea – just ask!! …. best of all: email us a drawing with measurements etc


Lines, Washes etc

Not available on the website but where required – no problem!! Just ask….




Choose this on the website for an attractive extra detail on the mount…




Standard mount-boards are 815mm x1120mm the overall size of your mount needs to be smaller than this or you’ll
need Jumbo board which is 1540mm x 1050mm.

We can do bigger but will need to discuss options….

cream, white and ivory

black, brown and grey

blue and green

red, pink and purple

orange and yellow

jumbo sized mounts

Extra thick solid core

backing boards

Black - 8011