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Choosing the perfect frame online

Meet-a-Framer© a new framing idea designed to help you from the comfort of your own home.

There is no doubt that choosing a frame for a loved picture can be arduous.  We have spent many an hour guiding our local customers through our wide range of frames and finishes to find the perfect solution.

So we thought we should do that for ALL of our customers

You do not have to journey down to Shaftesbury, in Dorset (as beautiful as it may be) to enjoy some expert advice. Now we can offer a service where we talk you through all of the options online.

Introducing Meet-a-Framer© now using Google Meet

“Meet-a-Framer © – “A wonderful hand-holding solution – 

It is like being in the PictureFrames Workshop, spending valuable time making The Right Choice:  the perfect personal service.”

60 minutes before the appointment, we will ask you to send us a photo of the artwork that you want to frame and to answer some questions about it. At the agreed time  our framer will call you via Skype, Google or Facetime (whichever Messenger you prefer) and discuss options for your artwork.

Using screeensharing and webcams, the consultation has the advantages of a face-to-face meeting combined with the power of our online framing studio. You will be able to consider the fragility and size of your artwork, and make a critical assessment on the best materials for its framing
You will have an expert guide showing you how to use the online framing software. They will lend their experience and skill in helping you choose the right moulding shape and finish for your frame, including mounts and glazing options.

The software is perfect for getting the proportions and overall colour scheme right for framing your picture. Of courser there’s nothing like seeing the real thing. Your framer can show you actual samples of our hand-made frames so that you can see that extra element that the computer can’t  visualise.

Once you have chosen your frame we will be able to discuss picking up your artwork, fitting it into the frame and delivering back to you – and even installing if required!

Alternatively, you can order your frame as a “U-Frame” where you will receive all of the fittings and instructions required to do a fully professional job yourself.

After your order has been made, you will be guided through our secure checkout system. We will have asked you to register prior to the appointemnt so you will already have been set up on our system.

Online appointments by Smoothbook

Our online framing experts

We have decided, for this pilot testing period, we will use our top framing salespeople to lend their qualified and experienced advice in helping you choose the ideal frame.

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