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WildBox© Standard

£65.00 tax incl.


from PictureFrames of Shaftesbury Ltd (PFoS Ltd)


Supplied complete with 2 x Primed Mini-Golden WildPanels© and filled with Raw WildPanels to your request.


The WildBox is the perfect solution for painters in oil or acrylic who want to take their passion for painting to the great outdoors. Especially with oil paints, outdoor or on-site painting is a problem when it comes to transporting wet panels: but not a problem with the WildBox.



Outdoor painting is often known as painting “en plein air” but we call it “Wild Painting” – like Wild Swimming or Wild Camping: why not combine all three!!


The WildBox holds either three of each size of Square & Golden Wild Panel (Mini Golden – 220 x 136mm; Small Square – 220 x 220mm; Small Golden – 220 x 356mm). Alternatively, it could hold six of each of the smaller two sizes. There are holes in the back of the WildBox so that you can never “lose” a panel down the end.



Wild panels are 3mm MDF (FSC® certified of course, like everything from PFoS Ltd, and are available either Raw or with a Smooth Impermeable White Primer. As with all PFoS Ltd Surfaces, there are frames available from stock to fit the Wild Panels.



The top of the WildBox holds either a Small Golden Panel, or a Mini Golden panel and a Small Square Panel. With a panel or panels in place in the top section, the box can be closed ready to dash for cover if it starts raining. An ideal configuration is to paint on one panel held in the top section, while using another as a palette. A convenient cut-out a t the back of the top section means that your panels can never get stuck 



The WildBox is also an ideal way of storing paintings in your Studio or Library, with the top section displaying a sample of what’s inside.