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Whiting 2.5kg

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This is a very high quality grade of whiting, used mainly by gilders, to make Sizey White and Gesso. Also by artists to add texture and bulk to paint.

Gesso is a traditional base coat for gilded frames. Once hard and smoothed, coat with Bole.

Gesso – make your own with this recipe:

Fill a 200g coffee jar with cold water. Add 7 heaped teaspoons of rabbit skin glue granules, and leave to soak for at least 4 hours.

Heat in a double glue pot, but never allow to boil. Strain.

Add 6-7 heaped tablespoons of whiting – stir gently to avoid bubbles then strain.

Should keep for up to two weeks in fridge. Apply with round gesso brush – as any metal on the brush may corrode & taint the gesso.

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