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Stack Lead White (No. 703)

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Inorganic – I create this pigment myself in small handmade batches following the time-honoured procedure.

Many art historians have noticed there is something in the nature of the Old Masters oil paints–particularly in whites–which cannot be replicated with today’s paints because the method for making them has changed. To recreate the actual white pigment that would have been familiar to Rembrandt, Titian and Vermeer to name a few, I researched lead whites and the old Dutch stack process for many years. Prior to the industrial revolution lead, whites were made using a method that traces back before the time of Christ. The Dutch found ways to scale the making of this paint without changing the underlying process in the 13th century.

Colour Index PW1
Drying Very Fast
Transparency Opaque
Lightfastness Excellent
Oil Content Very Low
Tint Power Average
Toxicity Toxic
ASTM D-4236  yes
Prop 65  yes

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