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Refined Safflower Oil

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Safflower oil is similar in properties to poppy oil. However, it forms a more flexible paint film than poppy oil and so is more suited to painting on flexible supports like stretched canvas. It is also well suited as a glazing oil. Safflower Oil is popular for grinding whites and light coloured pigments. Safflower Oil is brighter and paler than linseed oil.

  • – Safflower oil is a pale, slow-drying oil which can be used to brighten and thin oil paints.
  • – As it is a paler yellow than linseed oil, paler pigments (whites and pale blues especially) maintain their brightness when mixed with safflower oil.
  • – Paints thinned with this product should not be used under faster drying layers, e.g. Fast Drying Medium, earth colours etc.

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