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Oleo Impasto Medium

£8.80£52.92 tax incl.

My new Oleo Impasto Medium is a gel made from fumed silica and linseed oil which imparts great luminosity, particularly with transparent colours.

It has an average drying speed and increases the transparency of oil colours. Pigment can be added and ground to make your own oil paints. It has a pleasant linseed oil smel

You can add it with a brush or knife, in varying amounts, to achieve extra body.

Over the years, many artists have asked for ways to extend the paint. This is, of course, something that I frown upon because there are many products on the market which make the paint more vulnerable by adding extenders. But seeing that artists want a good product to address their needs I decided to formulate something to my liking.

If you mix it with Quinacridone Gold…WOW…. need I say more?

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