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Nilglass H3 Glass Cleaner 500ml spray bottle

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Nilglass H3 is the favourite of many framers

It is a powerful, professional grade smear-free glass cleaner. It has detergent and anti-static agents to help you clean glass and mirror quickly.

Use on glass, mirrors, reflective hard surfaces, windows, windscreens and similar for a smear free shine. Also good for laminates, stainless steel, and chromium plating. Not good for surfaces with polish.

For best results:

* Open spray dispenser nozzle

* Spray sparingly onto surface, ensuring overspray is avoided

* Leave to soak for a short time before wiping to remove help stubborn deposits

* Buff until dry, turning wipe repeatedly

* Close dispenser nozzle after use

Do not apply in strong sunlight nor allow to dry on a surface before wiping

Do not dilute with water

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