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The team that has seen PictureFrames through the Covid pandemic (to date!) exemplifies everything that we are looking for in our people: a great attitude; positivity; willingness to muck in and get the job done; respectful; an ability to get along with each other; helpful, and passionate about the products and services we offer. It’s probably no coincidence that every single one of our team members is an artist in their own right, and can therefore connect with the work and our customers in a very genuine manner, and can contribute to the development of the business. 

 Over the coming months, we hope to add some new members to our team. However, we would definitely prefer to work even harder than we have been doing than to take on someone who lacks the attitude of our existing team. Attitude is more important to us than your existing skills – if you’ve got the attitude (and of course the aptitude), we’ll teach you the skills.

 If you think that you could become a valuable member of our team, and that you can contribute to PictureFrames; then select the job below that you feel is the best fit for you and follow the instructions

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